Thursday, March 13, 2014

coming clean.

hi, i'm becky and i am a food addict. 

what a way to start a post, huh? but i'm trying to be honest with myself (and you) here.

food addiction is not widely discussed. more like pitied and ignored like the "bigger" girl at prom (that was me, btw).

stressed? i eat. tired? i eat. happy? i eat. sad? i eat. nervous? i eat.

food calls to me from the kitchen "becky, just come on over here and have one little bite". which, of course results in more than one little bite.

years and years of this results in some really unhealthy choices. i had a great childhood. we all sat around the dinner table every night with healthy foods in front of us. so i only have myself to blame here.

i am tired of being a slave to food. i am tired of being that "bigger" girl.

i don't let my kids eat unhealthy foods so why was i allowing myself to eat this way? 

at the beginning of the year i started exercising a bit + trying to eat healthier. the typical new years resolution. i didn't see much loss on the scale which led to a loss of motivation. and of course more eating. ugh. 

i picked myself up and started over fresh two weeks ago. i am not focusing on the scale this time. i am choosing to focus on the other victories. i have more energy. more self confidence. more endurance. exercises that i wasn't able to do at the beginning of the year, i can push myself through. my body doesn't ache anymore after waking up. i am learning to ignore that pesky food voice. and most of all, i am learning that i am worthy.

do i want to lose weight? heck yeah. that will come with time.

my goals for now are:

  • eat a clean, whole foods diet
  • exercise at least 5 days a week (i love fitness blender workouts)
  • learn to make time for myself
  • fit into my wedding ring again
  • be more active with my kids

phew, if you made it through my ranting, you are a rockstar! 

do you struggle with food choices? how do you overcome that? i would love to hear from you!

xo Becky


  1. Big hugs, Becky! This was so honest and difficult, I'm sure. Food is hard; we celebrate with it, we use it to ease stress and more. I find myself in the same situation at times and find I need balance. Working out is hard for me; I realllllly Hate it! So, that's where I need to start and be consistent. I'm with you on this journey and pray the small steps produce some blessed outcomes.
    xoxo, Love & Prayers...
    Susan @SugarBeans

  2. Thank you. I could have written this about myself.


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