Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gluten Free Sugar Free Double Chocolate Cupcakes

Mmmm....chocolate. Since we have had the boy on a gluten free sugar free diet it's been really tough to find treats that are ok for him to eat. He requested chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting for his Valentine's Day party at school. Oh that boy loves his chocolate...not sure where he gets it from...ahem.
After three trips to the grocery store, one kid meltdown and one mommy meltdown...enter stage right....Double Chocolate Cupcakes.

I used this recipe for the chocolate frosting and this recipe for the cupcake. They were suprisingly moist, sweet and yummy! The frosting was honestly one of the best I've ever had.

We will definitely be adding this to our list of keepers for future birthday parties and special occasions!

xo Becky

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  1. Seriously?! I am pinning this! I have a few people at work who are Gluten sensitive... this would be an amazing suprise for them when I go on Mat Leave and they can have a bit of something, for once!

    Thanks again!!

    Bundana x


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