Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lemonade Stand Photo Shoot

That title makes it seem glamourous, doesn't it?! I promised I would show you all the photo shoot that Sarah of Smiling Rain Photography and I did together. Before I tell you all the little details let me give a big shout out to Sarah who was absolutely wonderful to work with. Seriously. She was super patient with the kids and laid back which only made the kids feel more comfortable with her. If you are looking for a photographer in the Victoria, BC or NW Washington State area, please look her up! 

The actual lemonade stand was inspired by this one over at Lil Luna. I put the hubby in charge of construction, he did a great job! It turned out much larger than I thought and super sturdy. The kids and I painted it up over several days in our kitchen because we don't have a garage and it was snowing outside that week! I'm still scraping paint off our kitchen floor but it was so worth all the fun the kids had.

The kids were all great troopers and braved the cold (but not rainy!) weather.

We kept things pretty simple with the props. I didn't want to clutter things up too much and take away from our models. I think it turned out to be just enough.

These shabby chic headbands with burlap rosettes were super easy to whip up and I think added a nice touch. Too bad we couldn't get Ella to keep one on for more than a few seconds!

Sarah's girls were sweet enough to model the half aprons for me.

Ella wore a sweet little apron skirt.

Does our lemonade look frosty?! It was a bit chilly that day! I found yellow and white paper straws at The Sugar Diva.

Mr. Jonah sported a yellow and white polka dotted bow tie. He had so much fun playing lemonade stand. In his words these were his "grown up daddy clothes".

This was a great experience from which I gained a lot of knowledge. Sarah and I will definitely be teaming up again so keep an eye out for more!

Big thank you to my hubby for not only constructing the lemonade stand but doing it with enthusiasm. My kiddos for being patient with me and being such super cute models. My mom for pinning endless lemonade stand ideas for me on Pinterest and ohh and ahhing over my many many text message pictures I sent during the construction phase. And to my in-laws for letting us use their super beautiful yard!

Thanks for stopping by and making me a part of your day!


  1. That Lemonade Stand is awesome and thanks for sharing all those beautiful pics! All the kids look so cute!

  2. The stand looks great!! I love the fresh lemon colours! =D


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