Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mason Jar Wall Vase Tutorial

Here is my version of a tutorial for those awesome mason jar wall vases that we have all seen around. This version has hooks but you could definitely omit those and cut your board smaller, like the ones I made here.

Get the tutorial after the jump...

- Unfinished pine board 1 x whatever length you want (I buy one 1 x 10s but they have smaller sizes)
- Paint colors of your choice. Base coat and top coat (I used white and a fairytale blue for this one)
- Hose Clamp that will fit around your mason jar
- Hooks
- Screws
- Mason jar
- Sawtooth picture frame hangers
- Drill
- Paintbrush
- Small piece of sandpaper
**Note: if you don't have a way to cut your pine board, they do sell unfinished plaques at craft stores, the dollar store, etc.

Cut your board to 14" wide by 9" high.

Paint both sides and all four edges of your board with the base coat. I like using white or an off white color. Don't worry about it being perfect. Let it dry.

For the next part I use two different techniques....either dry brush which basically means dip your brush in a small amount of paint and then brush onto your board or paint your board with a normal amount of paint and then wipe some of it off with a lint free rag. The nice thing about this technique is it's all about not being perfect. You can play around with it, add paint, wipe it off, add some more paint, etc.

Coat all four edges with a regular amount of paint because you are going to sand some of it off later to give it that rustic look. Let it dry and then do the backside.

Now it's time for some sanding! Do all edges on each side of the board as well as the sides.You can play around with this as well.

Add the two sawtooth hangers to the back of your board.

Screw in the hooks. I painted my silver screws black later on.

Screw on the hose clamp. Some of them already have predrilled holes in the back and some don't. If it doesn't you will obviously have to drill one in.

Add the mason jar and tighten the clamp. And guess what you're done!

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  1. Great tutorial! A cool touch would be to make the jar look like one of the old fashioned blue ones. There's a tute for it on another site (can't remember) but, basically mix elmers glue with water to make it thin, add some blue and green food coloring, then carefully apply it inside the jar. Let it dry, and it will be clear with the blue/green tint! Of course, then you can't put water in it, but silk flowers would be great!

  2. Love it! I have seen these around and always wanted to purchase one but now I can make my own! Thank you so very much for sharing this!!

  3. This is a cute little idea! I love the mix of the mason jar vase and the hooks. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. This is so cute! I have always wanted to make one of these!! Great job:)

  5. Wanted to let you know that I featured this as part of my "Blog Feature Friday Open House" wrap up! Come grab a featured button from my sidebar if you like :)


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