Tuesday, February 3, 2015

sewing studio update.

i promised myself at the beginning of the year that before i opened the shop back up, i would get my sewing studio back under control. i am not good at being organized or cleaning as i go. because, really, who has time for that?

welcome to my happy place! this is as you walk into the door of our daylight basement and look to the left.

but before we continue on, i must show you the horror show it was when we first looked at our house. prepare yourselves.

hello 70's, it's nice to see your poo brown trim + whiskey stained carpet + dust infested drapes. sometimes i like to just look at these before shots to remind myself of where it all began and how far this room has come.

ok, on with the tour. the infamous ikea shelf sitting on top of the pink dresser is one of my main storage spaces. it's filled with vintage fabrics, leather, lace + various bits of craftiness that  i just can't seem to part with.

 now, looking even more left under the window with poo-brown-trim-no-more is my little desk. i just gave it a quick spray paint makeover. you can read about it's history here.

now, looking to the opposite side of the room from the little desk is my sewing area. the hubby custom built me that ginormous cutting table. i'd rather have a man who can build me things than a dozen roses any day of the week.

my sewing corner. also known as my therapy corner.

the big beast, Shirley Jane, is new to the sewing room. she fits in quite nicely.

opposite of my sewing corner is the fireplace. that we've never used. for shame. i know.

and just for giggles, let's look at another before and after shot. can i get a hallelujah for white paint?

and that my friends is the end of the tour. thanks for sticking with me! i hope you walk away inspired to create a space just for you, wherever that may be.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

little dress//big heart

she's been begging me to sew her a dress. i had something different in mind - something fancier. but it just never happened. so i put it off. 

then this thought crossed my mind - in 15 years when she pulls dresses sewn by mama out of her hope chest - is she going to care how fancy they are? nope. she's going to notice the love poured into them. and then we will laugh about what was in style.

and maybe, just maybe, this little simple dress will be passed on to a new generation.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

making over your medicine cabinet with essential oils.

one of the main reasons we started using essential oils was to boost our immune systems + replace OTC medicines with a healthier, natural option. it's been on my never ending to-do list to clean out our hallway closet that holds all of our first aid, cold + flu, etc. medicines. the hubby + i were amazed at how we no longer rely on those OTCs! we've literally replaced all of them with essential oils. 

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we use our oils on a daily basis around here. the kids have a cut? we reach for the oils. headache? we reach for the oils. back pain? we reach for the oils. i know that i like hearing exactly how other families use the oils in their homes (because i am crazy nosey, ha!) so i thought i would share here.....

lavender: we use this in place of neosporin for cuts. instead of aloe vera we mix coconut oil with lavender to soothe sunburns. not to mention lavender is so calming.

lemon: is incredibly great for immune boosting. i add it to my water, add a few drops to our morning smoothies (my kids don't even notice) + hands down one of my favs to diffuse. wondering what 'diffusing' means? check out my oily faq page here.

peppermint: awesome for headaches + tummy aches. i've yet to use it for a fever (thankfully) but i am prepared if we ever do need to!

frankincense: a wonderful healing oil. we use this one a lot for helping to heal cuts + scrapes. i've also used it on my face to heal breakouts.

panaway: the hubby works a very labor intensive job and panaway is always our go-to for sore muscles.

purification: great for cleaning cuts + scrapes. and i've heard it's amazing for bug bites. i love love love the way purification smells. if we have company coming over, you can bet i will be diffusing purification.

valor: it's been referred to as the 'chiropractor in a bottle'. my hubby swears by it!

peace + calming: before we started using essential oils, melatonin was the only way i could turn my brain off + fall asleep. now we diffuse p+c in our room at night, i fall asleep fast + don't wake up with that groggy feeling.

thieves: oh thieves. such an amazing oil. the ultimate germ fighter. we rub this on the kids feet every night before bed, which helps boost their immune systems + keep those flu germs away.

all of these oils are in the premium starter kit, which you can find out more about on my oily page here.

if you are reading this in july, you are in luck! join the young living family with a premium starter kit and i will send you an essential oils reference guide + bottle cap labels for free. find out more here.

xo becky

Sunday, June 29, 2014

just call me the crazy chicken lady.

jonah's class hatched baby chicks in their classroom + he was chosen to bring one home. well, the hubby felt bad for the one lonely chick so he surprised us one afternoon with another little one. so meet abigail + rosabelle.

and just in case you thought i was the chicken whisperer, here are a few outtakes....

"but moooom, i was NOT ready for my close up!"

"check out the junk in THAT trunk!"

xo becky

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

how we use essential oils.

when i first heard about essential oils i have to admit i was a bit overwhelmed. my thoughts were...how the heck do i use them....how do i know where to apply them....what oils are good for what ailment? and i never expected these little bottles to completely takeover our medicine cabinet. so to take some of the mystery out of essential oils, i thought i would share a typical day in our home.

morning: my alarm goes off. ella is up + ready to eat soon after...she's my morning girl. jonah is fighting it + doing everything humanely possible to keep from getting up. i turn on the diffuser with some brain power in it. i find it helps my brain get a jump start + it helps jonah get moving. while i'm making the kiddos breakfast, i take an inner defense capsule and one drop of ocotea {for my blood sugar} in a capsule. before Jonah heads out to the bus stop, i apply some brain power to the back of his neck + each of his big toes, some cedarwood to each of his big toes, and lavender behind his ears. you can read more about how the oils have helped his adhd here

afternoon: i have a headache from leaning over my sewing machine all morning...ha...so i apply some deep relief to the back of my neck. headache fades away. ella falls while chasing the chickens in the garden, i put a drop of lavender on the cut and she's good to go! before jonah gets off the school bus i start diffusing some thieves (an amazing germ fighter!)....take that nasty school germs.

evening: dinner is going, the hubby is home, the kiddos are wild so i turn on some cartoons and diffuse some peace + calming. we eat and the kiddos head out to play in the backyard while the hubby mows the grass + i get a few moments of quiet. ahhh. bedtime comes and the kids put their little feet up in the air ready for their nightly oils...cedarwood on the back of Jonah's neck and thieves on the bottom of both of their feet. the hubby + i cuddle on the couch while watching our shows. he complains that his back is hurting so i use some relaxation massage oil on his back. we diffuse peace + calming in our room at night. i find it's the only thing that doesn't make me groggy the next morning!

of course, everyday is a little different. if we get exposed to flu germs or one of us is feeling a bit blah, then we adjust for that. the one thing i have learned with the oils is consistency is key! just because it doesn't miraculously work the first time it's applied doesn't mean it isn't working for your body. keep at it! 

now, i'm sure you have a whole bunch of questions, so jump on over to my oily faqs page. if it isn't answered there, feel free to send me an email thebarefootseamstress@yahoo.com

but before you go, i am running a special....buy a premium starter kit ($150 + tax/shipping), which is everything you need to get started and i will send you an essential oils reference guide for free! this special only lasts through 5/31/14 and is only available by ordering through me here. 

xo becky

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

driftwood + doily chandelier

hello there, lovely! i have a quick + easy diy project for you today.

we are lucky enough to live near some amazing beaches with tons of driftwood. i love incorporating little bits of nature into my decorating. a spark of an idea grew when we were playing at the beach one day. doilies + driftwood = yes please. 

my love of doilies has been growing since i was a kid. we used to tease my grandma + call her the 'doily queen'. she would be proud of me now!

this diy really needs no instructions but here is how i whipped it up....

to stiffen the doilies i used the magic of modge podge. paint a coat of modge podge on both sides of the doily. i put down some freezer paper on my painting table for easy cleanup. make sure as the doilies are drying that you flip them over every half hour or so. this will prevent the doilies from sticking to your surface, the modge podge is messy but it gets the job done. you could also try spray starch! i just used what i had on hand. 

i had the hubby drill holes into the driftwood for me. then i ran jute twine through the holes, tied the top of + tied my doilies on the other end of the twine. i wrapped twine around each end of the driftwood, brought the two pieces together + tied them together to create the hanger. 

can i be honest with you here? besides waiting for the doilies to dry, this diy took me 30 minutes tops. love me an easy project!

now go hang your new pretty up!

xo becky

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Monday, March 31, 2014

oh sweet spring.

i've really missed blogging about randomness. there is something about getting out my "big girl camera", editing photos and typing away that i have genuinely missed. so you may hear more from me...but no promises, ok? :)

you can always tell spring has come to the pacific northwest by the daffodils popping up. and the random rain showers. spring is such a tease. our front porch need to be spring-ified so a broken chair + this planter were just what it needed. i have plans to paint our front door...yet again. here's a hint: my fav color :)

we've been letting the chicks free range a bit in our backyard. at first they were cautious, never venturing far from the coop. now they wait not-so-patiently for one of us to let them out each morning. they have grown so much from last year, it just amazes me. the kids have been busy digging up worms in the garden and tossing them to the hens. pretty sure Jonah is our future chicken farmer. 

our mantle has been rather bare since christmas. i tried a few times to decorate it but nothing was inspiring me. does that ever happen to you? 

inspiration came when my mom found this amazing wild flowers tea towel. the hubby even complimented my unique yard stick as a hanger :)

one of my goals for this year was to be fearless in how i decorate our home. i love getting inspiration from others but then i find myself decorating with someone else's style other than my own. i want our home to feel like just what it is: a home. someplace that makes us feel happy + comforted. 

i've gone on a bit of a pom pom frenzy lately. they are just so darn easy to make. i like mine a little on the wild side because who needs perfection?

i'm in love with succulents. but they aren't so fond of me. i've killed two of them so far. this poor little guy is barely hanging on. hopefully these happy flags from the inspiring natalie creates will pep him up. 

and now i'm off to enjoy spring break with these two.....wellllll, really to keep the peace.

happy spring!
xo becky


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